An old-fashioned book store experience.

We offer the increasingly-rare opportunity to browse a large stock of used books, hang out, read, write, invite friends to meet, and talk with fellow book-lovers. In addition to our store stock, our 40,000+ on-line book archive can be searched at our catalog site.

The Book House’s remodel of Historic Dinkydale’s entire second floor carved out a labyrinthine series of book rooms, a room for small gatherings and monthly storytelling, a Rare Book Room, a front room with large windows overlooking 4th Street. A reading nook in the poetry alcove is located just below a window that overlooks Bob Dylan’s old Dinkytown apartment in what is now the Loring Bar.

More on our history and the history of Dinkytown, please visit our sister site: Help Preserve Historic Dinkytown


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With over 40,000 books in the store and another 40,000 in our archives, there’s plenty to look at both in store and online.

New books are arriving everyday and added to our online catalog.


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The Book House is known for the breadth and depth of our stock and knowledge.

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My favorite used bookstore in the Twin Cities. Expertly curated selection, very fair prices, and a charming ambience that can’t be beat. Also, the staff is super friendly and extremely knowledgeable. I always head to the new arrivals shelf first, as it’s restocked daily! A must-visit for any serious reader and/or book collector.
— Mandy

Vinyl Records

We have a small—but diligently—curated selection of records.

Named one of the top places to buy vinyl in Minnesota, we remain the only place to buy vinyl in the University area.