Preserve Historic Dinkytown


Let’s not let Dinkytown “pass into history”

The Book House has serves as the headquarters of a non-profit campaign called Preserve Historic Dinkytown, a three-pronged campaign to accomplish the following:

  1. Ensure preservation of the iconic core of Dinkytown’s Historic Commercial District (over 100 years old); including its physical assets, scale and character.
  2. Inform the city’s historic designation study; document and share Dinkytown’s contributions to America’s transformational cultural movements of the mid 1950s to mid 1970s via: events, social media, exhibits etc.
  3. Collaborate with established public archives and reach out through our network to gather, process and provide long-term repository for the socio-cultural history of the University’s East and West-bank.


Historic Designation

In February of 2014, the Minneapolis Heritage Preservation Commission ordered a historic district designation study to be done for Dinkytown.

Historians, stakeholders and interested citizens are asked to consider the weight of the Dinkytown factors highlighted on this site, along with the materials submitted for the archive, in measuring whether they fulfill the first three city of Minneapolis’ Historic District designation criteria outlined below.

City of Minneapolis Historic District Criteria
These criteria considered in determining whether a district is worthy of historic designation:

  1. The property is associated with significant events or with periods that exemplify broad patters of cultural, political, economic or social history, or
  2. The property is associated with the lives of significant persons or groups
  3. The property contains or is associated with distinctive elements of city or neighborhood identity.

Minneapolis City Ordinance 599.210
Nomination Application



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