Books & Brew

books and brew

A Place to Read a Book

Regular visitors to Espresso Royale Dinkytown know that it has never been one of those coffee shops that could be confused with a computer lab.

Since 1987 their coffee and casually studious atmosphere have fueled and fostered a vital space for the Dinkytown/U of MN community to meet, study, and just hang out. It was this allure, coupled with the need to house the thousands of books we simply could not fit into our Dinkydale location, that led the Book House to begin this joint venture we call Books & Brew!

The selection of titles and topics you will find here wind a path through the fields of art, music, film, history, politics, cultural studies, gender studies, and of course include a few hundred novels and poetry collections. We also make it a priority to throw in the occasional “quirky” title and/or binding, just to keep things extra interesting.

The Books & Brew stock has been carefully curated to appeal to the eclectic group of people that make our community so unique, and priced between $3 and $10 to remain affordable to all.

We wanted to be able to feed that sort of longer, larger tradition of books, conversation [and] coffee that is just an enriching atmosphere intellectually.

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